A Binny’s or Famous Liquor-type of store would be just fine. While the grocery stores try, a properly stocked liquor store like the aforementioned would be a welcome addition vs. traveling to other communities to drop dollars into.

More Silver

Packaged liquor stores can bring a lot of headaches. I hope Oak Park will be careful before allowing this type of business to open. A good sports bar might prove to be a winner.

Jim Coughlin

I think this is a good move to explore the idea of a restaurant being able to serve a patron, outside, a drink without ordering food. Sometimes I wish I could just sit outside Poor Phil’s and have a beer without having to order something else. Just last week I was waiting for my wife, on a beautiful day, at Phil’s and a couple approached the hostess outside. They asked to be seated on the patio so they could enjoy a drink in the sun. She said only if they were ordering food. The guy turns to his friend and said, “This is why I hate Oak Park.” He then turned and walked away.

I had a good laugh at that.

Tim Unsell

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