I just moved to the Oak Park area and am horrified by the letters and behavior exhibited by some of the students at OPRF over their “freedom.”

I grew up on the North Shore, in a pretty affluent area, and at my high school we wore IDs every day. If you didn’t have one on you had to go to the dean. IDs are for your safety. It doesn’t matter where you go, where you live, or anything else. IDs indicate who the students are. There have been situations where people have gone into schools and shot students. The purpose of the ID is to indicate students from non-students. This might sound ridiculous to you, but it never happens where you expect it. And if it did happen at OPRF, your parents would be filing lawsuits so quickly you’d just feel the wind as they ran by.

Second, I find the reaction you students have to the “new” tardy policy laughable. Wake up! In the real world, (and you’ll be there soon) even nice office jobs don’t accept tardiness! It’s called being responsible, and mature! I had five minutes between classes in high school, and my high school was the size of a small town. If you were in the hall when the class bell rang, the door shut in your face, and you spent the next hour in an in-school suspension. You need to grow up and realize what the real world is like! But you won’t.

My letter will get ridiculous responses from ridiculously “out to lunch and out of touch” OPRF students. But one day you’ll meet reality, and I feel bad for you already because it’s going to bitch slap you and you’ll fail miserably.

Laura Green
Oak Park

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