No, this isn’t follow-up Blackhawks coverage. Friday’s blustery late-afternoon storm jostled five baby hawks from their nest high above a tree in the alley between the 600 blocks of South Kenilworth and Clinton avenues.

Two landed in a pool, with one surviving the fall only for a day. In all, three perished, but two were rescued by Tim Gamble and his wife Sally Wilson-Gamble, who found the trembling but healthy hawks on Sunday in another backyard on South Kenilworth and took them to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center in Glen Ellyn (630-942-6200).

The birds are believed to be Cooper’s Hawks, which can be found anywhere from deep forests to leafy subdivisions …. to backyards.

Gamble said the prognosis for survival of the two fledglings was good.

The mother hawk was spotted on Sunday gliding around the neighborhood.

The center gave the Oak Park baby raptors identification numbers (3387 and 3388) in case anyone wanted to check on their status.

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