This is in response to Jack Crowe’s editorial on June 16 in which he stated “the Holy Spirit made a big mistake picking Benedict as pope.” You can attack my church. You can attack my pope. But you do not attack my God.

In case you are not aware, accusing the Holy Spirit of making a mistake is the very definition of blasphemy. The Holy Spirit, who brings our prayers to the father with groans and pleadings that we could never imitate. Who pours himself out for us fallen humanity. Who gives us fortitude, wisdom, temperance, piety and many other gifts that we could never attain by ourselves. Who guides his church with such wisdom that, if we understood one iota of the divine plan, we would weep over the beauty of his decisions.

I beg you, from the bottom of my heart, to repent of this statement.

Carolyn Righeimer
Oak Park

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