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On July 1 and 2, students the Junior Bravo program at Brooks Middle School will perform Disney’s Jungle Book. It is part of the Bravo Performing Arts Program at the school. The program launched a Junior Bravo Academy this year for younger, less experienced student performers, who are also taking part in a three-week summer camp learning dance, acting and singing. Those students will take the stage in July to perform Jungle Book.

The musical starts at 7 p.m., July 1 and 2, in the Brooks Auditorium, 325 S. Kenilworth. For more information about the show and ticket prices, as well as other performances by Bravo this summer call: 708-524-5621, or visit their Web site: http://sites.google.com/site/brooksbravo.

Mowgli: John Babbo
Bagheera: Sophia Zinger
Shere Khan: Quentin Sanders
Baloo: Charles Pospisil
Shanti: Grace Crowley
Sun: Kayla Locke
Moon: Sydney Jackson
King Louie: Prayer Childress
Old Monkey: Natassia Barnes
Monkeys: Celeste Gonzalez, Katie Lingen, Funmi Adeyemi, Diane Barrios-Smith, Natalie Rumoro
Kaa: Emma Prescott
Coils: Katy Schuller, Grace Crowley, Audra Joiner. Arden Shorr
Colonel Hathi: Jackson Stelmarski
Elephants: Kelli Quick, Cassie Prokopowicz, Liam Loughran, Katie O’Shea, Claire Cooke, Noah Goin
Baby Elephant: Casey Ford
Vultures: Bekira Rabinowitz, Grace Irving
Wolf Family: Daniel Jones (father), Lucy Foreman (mother), Will Skubish (son), Clare Davis (daughter)
Coconut Trees: Emma Sher, Hallie Voss
Plants: Elizabeth Maguire, Naiomi Bidigare
Flowers: Thida Wagner, Hannah Hassan, Mollie Ryan, Phoenix Sullivan Prickly Pears: Christie Bell, Lindy Harris, Ellen Puhalovich
Bees: Gracie Boughton, Kali Perrry

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