As someone who was employed by Evelyn and Bob Allen, my experience working for them was that they are decent and good people. [Market kills condo that neighbors couldn’t, News, May 26] I felt sick to my stomach to read a detailing of their business life. When did Wednesday Journal take to reporting on anyone’s individual economic or business lives, especially when they have suffered some kind of reverses?! I have never seen this before in the paper! It is distasteful to the extreme.

The Allens’ company did many fine projects in Oak Park and River Forest, and in every case, they complied with what was required of them by the village government. Sad that what the village allowed conflicted with what neighbors wanted for their residential street. Sounds like, in some way, everyone lost in this situation.

It is hard to imagine that people with a respectable history of doing business, people who have a good reputation, could meet with such difficulty and suddenly lose everything – but then just ask Mike Kelly of Park National Bank about how that works!

Christine Vernon
Oak Park
Submitted to

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