I would like to thank Wednesday Journal for its e-mail updates, which, since my departure to college back in August, have provided a way for me to remain connected with what’s happening back in my hometown.

Indeed, a lot has happened to me since I made my tearful farewell to my home back in August to venture into a whole new lifestyle at Valparaiso University. I’ve learned a lot about meteorology, and how much I have yet to learn. I’ve been exposed to so many different perspectives about the world, from philosophical texts to the whole new set of people I met who come from so many different backgrounds.

Throughout it all, I never forgot about the place that did so much to rear me. I prayed for my home, and everything in its sphere of influence, every night I was away.

And I was proud to tell everyone there that I am from Oak Park, Ill. It was my delight to remain connected with this community that did so much to make me the person I am. And no matter where I go during my life, I will always remember this great place.

Thanks, Oak Park.

Paul Rubio
Oak Park

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