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Five OPRF High School students will compete at the 2010 U.S. Rowing Junior National Championships at Harsha Lake, outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, this weekend. OPRF juniors Laurel Johnson, Abby Lantz and Abbie Seremek travel with the womenfs varsity eight crew that recently won the 2000-meter Midwest Junior Rowing Championships with a time of 7:25:10.

OPRF senior Mike Pitts and junior Riley Newman advanced out of the Midwest competition with the menfs varsity eight in a time of 6:43:54. The three-day competition will cap a successful rowing career for Pitts, who was recruited by Oklahoma City Universityfs menfs rowing team for the upcoming 2010-11 intercollegiate season.

Oak Park and River Forest has 13 teenagers rowing with Lincoln Park Junior Rowing Club, a coed rowing club that practices on the Chicago River six days a week from late February through late November, before moving indoors on ergometers for winter season. These OPRF students are Carolyn Herseth, Elizabeth Herseth, Johnson, Lantz, Maria Murray, Riley Newman, Molly Peterson, Matt Piano, Mike Pitts, Dianna Polley, Danny Sanchez, Seremek, and Sydney Warpness.

Kleinkopf grapples to sixth

Matt Kleinkopf, 12, of River Forest, placed sixth at the Kidfs Northern Plaines U.S. Regional Greco-Roman Wrestling Championships in Rochester, Minn., in his division (Age 12-14, 112 pounds).

Kleinkopf qualified for Kidfs U.S. regionals by placing fourth in Illinois Greco-Roman State and fourth in Illinois Freestyle State.

Strikers Soccer Club

DG Roadrunners White 5, U9 Girls 4

(Strikers goals: Lydia Turk 3, Erin Frumkin; assists: Amanda Baltierre, Olivia Kerr, Erin Frumkin)

U9 Boys Orange 2, Dundee Lions 1

(Strikers goals: Tomas Senk, Jonah Durbin)

Arlington Aces 6, U9 Boys Navy 1

(Strikers goal: Alex Balafas; outstanding game: Jack Jordan)

U11 Girls Orange 2, Zen United 0

(Strikers goals: Hannah Green, Samantha Gurrola)

U11 Girls Orange 6, CS Panthers 1

(Strikers goals: Corinne Joss, Ella Rossa 2, Grace Huettel, Quinn Berleman-Paul 2)

U12 Girls Orange 3, KSC Knights 3

(Strikers goals: Jamie Heneghan, Tamae Douglas 2; assists: Tamae Douglas, Esther Ramsay)

FRG Bluestars 3, U12 Navy 2

(Strikers goals: Sage Degand, Simone Watts; Assists: Penny Hawthorne)

U12 Girls Navy 1, Park Ridge
Blue Thunder 1

(Strikers goal: Simone Watts; outstanding Game: Simone Watts)

U12 Navy 4, Evanston Silver 0

(Strikers goals: Simone Watts, Jamie Cozette, Sage Degand, Maeve McCormack; Assists: Ava Williams 2, Penny Hawthorne; outstanding game: Madison Lisle)

U12 Girls Navy 1,
Park Ridge Blue Thunder 1

(Strikers goal: Simone Watts; outstanding game: Simone Watts)

U12 Girls Navy 4, Evanston Silver 0

(Strikers goals: Simone Watts, Jamie Cozette, Sage Degand, Maeve McCormack; assists: Ava Williams 2, Penny Hawthorne; outstanding game: Madison Lisle)

Green White Wolves 2,
U12 Girls Navy 1

(Strikers goal: Maeve McCormack; outstanding game: Penny Hawthorne, Johanna Oldach)

U13 Boys Navy 4, Wheaton Wings 0

(Striker goals: Aidan Mendel, Blake Mrozek, Marco Gorgoni, Max Long; assists: Aidan Mendel, David Seng)

U14 Girls Orange 3; Tinley Park Twisters 0

(Strikers goals: Lauren Wilkes, Gabby Mizgala, Caroline Coughlan; assists: Ruby Gonzalez; outstanding game: Kristin Laible, Isabela Escalona, Tess Trinka)

U14 Girls Orange 2; Arlington ACES Black 0

(Strikers goals: Emma Dunne, Tess Trinka; assist: Tess Trinka; outstanding game: Tessa Saraceno, Gabby Mizgala, Ruby Gonzalez)

U14 Girls Orange 1; Park Ridge Orange Crush 0

(Strikers goal: Lauren Wilkes; outstanding game: Emma Dunne,. Gabby Barkidjija, Meredith Blatner, Natalie Blamires)

U14 Girls Navy Atlantic 5, OPRF Strikers Navy Pacific 1

(Strikers goals: Maggie Skalitzky 3, Alli Weidman, Isabella Miller)

U8 Boys 8, Campton United U7 Samba 5

(Strikers goals: Evan Brown 2; Ben Pickering 2; Jared Arbuckle 3; Evan Failor; outstanding game: Jared Arbuckle)

U9 Boys Orange 4, Skomor Strikers 0

(Strikers goals: Jonah Durbin, Declan Johnson, Brody Bliss, Grant Kindler)

U9 Boys Orange 3, Park Ridge Orange Crush 2

(Strikers goals: Tomas Senk 2, Brody Bliss; assist: James Maguire)

U10 Boys Navy 6, Typhoons FC 5

(Strikers goals: Finn Elsmo, Sam Klevgard, Addison Dick, Grayson Felton 3; assists: Jack Straughan, Grayson Felton, Luca Munch; outstanding game: Grayson Felton, Addison Dick)

U12 Girls Navy 1,
FC Panthers Gold 0

(Striker goal: Tamae Douglas)

U12 Girls Orange 3, Berwyn Blazers 1

(Strikers goals: Jamie Heneghan, Leah Silver, Tamae Douglas; assist: Tricia Heneghan)

U12 Girls Orange 2, Park Ridge Orange 1

(Strikers goals: Megan Aeschleman, Tricia Heneghan)

U12 Boys Orange 5, Team Velocity-Sculls SC-Black 0

(Strikers goals: Fedia Kourbatov 2, Matt Kleinkopf, Matthew (Izzy) Coronado, David Senk; assists: David Senk, Matthew (Izzy) Coronado)

U12 Boys Orange 5, AAC Eagles 0

(Strikers goals: Matthew (Izzy) Coronado 2, David Senk 3; assists: David Senk, Matthew (Izzy) Coronado, Eric Tynybekov)

U12 Boys Orange 2, PNA Patriots 1

(Strikers goals: Matthew (Izzy) Coronado 2; assists: Matt Kleinkopf)

U12 Boys Orange 5, PNA Patriots 2

(Strikers goals: Fedia Kourbatov, Justin Bruce, David Senk 2, Eric Tynybekov; assists: Matthew (Izzy) Coronado, Matt Kleinkopf 2, Gib Traczyk 2)

U14 Girls Orange 2, Oak Brook Sc 0

(Strikers goals: Ruby Gonzalez 2; assists: Meredith Blatner, Tess Trinka; outstanding game: Ruby Gonzalez)

River Forest Rapids

Challengers SC 4, RF Rapids 13 Girls Red 2

(Goals: Jackie Berens and Alexandra Kagan; Assists: Allie Nelson; Goalkeepers: Monica Gomez, Steffi Ivanoff and Alexandra Kagan)

Panther Wildcats 2, U14Girls 1

(Rapids Goals: Natalie Conti; Goalkeeper: Sarah Young)

BSC Raiders 3, U9 Rapids girls 2

(Goals: Lilly Reardon, Hope Donoghue; Goalkeepers: Erin Proctor, lily Hoke, Marisol Reis, Megan Kurtz)

U9 Boys Red 3, C/S Panthers 2

(Rapids goals: Peter Henkes, Seamus Gorman, John Parker; goalkeepers: John Parker, Ben Brown; assists: Griffin Nesbit)

TCSA Jr Bulldogs 1, RF Rapids U13 Girls Black 0

(Goalkeepers: Lexi Rodriguez, Alex Kagan)

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