Wow, Wednesday Journal! Did you really think this was necessary? What is news worthy about this piece? [Market kills condo that neighbors couldn’t, News, May 26] It is obvious the neighbors of this property have won their fight, and feel victorious, but only because of someone else’s misfortune. They say they don’t want to kick the property owner when he is down, but if not, what is the purpose of this public display?

Isn’t it enough to have “won?” The Allens are only guilty of doing what we all want to do – pursue an opportunity. This was not a “fly under the radar” project. Mr. Allen applied for all the proper permits – and received them! What happened next? The real estate depression happened! The Allens did not cause that. It happened, and the Allens, along with countless others, got caught up in it through no fault of their own. They are, I am sure, struggling with the consequences of misfortune they did not create. The neighbors on North Maple are celebrating. Tell me again about how you don’t want to kick someone when they are down.

Elizabeth Jacobson
Oak Park
Submitted to

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