In John Hubbuch’s recent column, he made the comment “If District 200 is really interested in improving performance, it should give some of its hoarded gold to the preschools.” [Let’s hear it for lowered expectations, Viewpoints, May 12] I would like to call to your attention, and to that of the public, the fact that OPRF High School District 200 has been sharing “some of its hoarded gold” with the Collaboration for Early Childhood Care and Education since the inception of that organization in the 2002-03 school year.

We – in tandem with District 97, the Village of Oak Park, Oak Park Township, the Park District of Oak Park and the Oak Park Public Library – have been financial supporters of the primary local organization whose mission is to foster high-quality early care and educational experiences and support to families in our area. These public bodies, along with many private agencies and individuals, were founding members and initial financial supporters of this highly productive effort.

While these local public bodies are not, by any means, the primary sources of financial support for this effort, we believe that our total effort is both crucial and significant. Further, we at District 200 take pride in the fact that we have recently doubled our annual level of financial support to the Early Childhood Collaboration. We do so because we consider it a part of our truly responsible stewardship of not only our school district, but of our “hoarded gold.”

Ralph Lee
Acting president, District 200 board of education

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