I waited, hoping someone else would take the time to address the issue. This Wednesday I saw that Mark Schlosser of Oak Park explained to letter writer George Kocan of Warrenville the difference between religious and moral ethical values (not that they are mutually exclusive). [Letter writer misunderstands atheists, Viewpoints, May 12]

But I needed more to be said.

If Mr. Kocan had stopped his rant after stating that an atheist is a predator in waiting, I would have been upset, but just chalked it off to an illogical mind. However, his last sentence chilled me to the bone. “Such a person (an atheist) is not fit for civilized life.”

As a teacher of the Holocaust and other ethnic and religious cleansings, I recognize this statement as an opening salvo in an effort to make a targeted group “the other.” We know where such behaviors have led in the past.

Mr. Kocan, you do not have the right to decide who is or is not fit for civilized life.

Pat Healey
Oak Park

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