Greg Kramer will be greatly missed by all in the Village of River Forest.

As a village trustee for more than 10 years, I saw much of Greg’s work on a weekly basis. He always attended village board meetings, sometimes three or more a month. At just about every meeting, he gave the board a report on what was currently happening in the Public Works Department at the time. His knowledge and expertise with the village is unsurpassed. There is no one in the village who can step in and fill his shoes. No one knows the inner workings of the infrastructure of River Forest. No one knows the water system, the natural gas system, the sewer system or the electrical systems and how they work in this Village like Greg Kramer.

I hope that the current village board will take the time and effort to hire a professional engineer like Greg who has the qualifications to run the Public Works Department as Greg did. I hope that all of the board members can put their differences aside for the good of the village and find the right person for this very demanding job. The village deserves to have a real professional put into this position.

Good luck, Greg, and thank you for all of your service to the citizens of River Forest.

Patrick O’Brien
River Forest

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