I just read the article by Ken Trainor about the situation at Ascension Parish. [The answer guy, News, May 12] We at Chicagoland Voice of the Faithful are happy to read of Father McNally’s forthrightness with his parishioners and willingness to do right for survivors. We are also very pleased at his respectful treatment of the survivors present outside the church last Sunday. Two of the survivors are also Voice of the Faithful members, are wonderful people and work tirelessly for justice for survivors.

The goals of Voice of the Faithful are three: to support survivors of abuse, to support priests of integrity, and to work for reform of our church so as to be transparent and accountable to the people. In working toward these three goals, we continually urge the legal system to no longer give a pass to abusers and those who enable them, even as we know, the enablers are bishops and cardinals. We also urge our legislators to pass laws eliminating statutes of limitation in cases of sexual abuse. A few states, Delaware for one, have done so. Despite heavy lobbying by the Catholic Church, we urge them to resist such lobbying and do what is right and just for victims of abuse. We count on the media to encourage these efforts.

Sandra Stilling Seehausen
President, Chicagoland Voice of the Faithful

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