Last night I was with about 25 Catholic men and we read and discussed Ken Trainor’s column about the crisis in the Catholic Church. [It’s critical that Catholics find their voice, Ken Trainor, April 28]

Most of the men had a very favorable opinion of the article. A few had some reservations, but also had a somewhat favorable opinion. Many Catholics think about the things Ken wrote about. It was helpful and healthy to see them in print.

I want to say thank you to the paper’s leadership.

Wayne Vanek
Oak Park

I commend Ken Trainor for his recent column “It’s critical that Catholics find their voice.”

I am sure that many will find fault in his writing, but I for one believe he is right on target. His four points are commonsense issues that need to be talked about and acted upon.

Thanks, Ken, for good journalism.

Mike Doyle
Oak Park

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