It was Sunday morning, the first and nicest (so far) Sunday morning in May. We were walking in south Oak Park when we decided to have a coffee and watch the world go by. We purchased a couple of coffees at Taste of Brasil. They are located at 906 S. Oak Park Ave. on the east side, just south of the Ike bridge, and have great (Brazilian, I think) coffee.

We decided to bench it outside on one of those provided by the village. Ours was facing west. While sipping, I noticed that the Bright Ideas Parent Teacher Store at 909 S. Oak Park Ave. was still doing well, surviving the past recession and many others. In fact, it looks like they recently expanded.

My gaze then shifted north to the Chicago Digital Compact Disk Emporium, at 905 S. Oak Park Ave., another south Oak Park business that has been around for more than a few years. I then looked up and “discovered” what seems to me to be another “hidden” Oak Park architectural treasure.

I’ve lived in Oak Park for 30 years and passed by this building countless times, never really noticing this unique edifice. Above the emporium was what seemed like a building that was a terra-cotta piece of art. I guess it is true that, if you want to hide something, then put it in plain sight.

Just above the compact-disk sign are what seem to be interesting sculptures that don’t seem original, and then the multi-storied terra-cotta facade, ending with a very ornate section at the roofline complete with a shield or coat of arms. Farther up, the building is identified as the TA Holm Building.

I know little of architecture, but this building seems unique and interesting. Maybe the Wednesday Journal could research and do a story on this building? Maybe a reader with more architectural knowledge can look at it and give us some observations?

Brent Borgerson
Oak Park

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