Mr. Kramer’s departure is a tremendous loss for our village. [Kramer to leave public works office, News, March 24] I have had the pleasure of working with him on the Traffic and Safety Commission Task Force to Study Sewer System and Flood Issues, as well as a project to improve crosswalk safety for our children at Keystone and Priory parks.

Working 25 years in our village, he knows every inch of this town, and how it functions and interacts with the next inch. His work is what villagers take for granted: our running water, our sewers, our street lights and our snow plowing.

You want to get a stop sign on your corner? Greg does the traffic study.

You have a deer impaled on your iron fence? Greg will get it off.

Need a map of sewer systems installed in the early 1900s? Greg knows where it is kept in the basement of village hall. His vast knowledge will be missed by his staff, his peers and village residents.

Greg, I wish to you a summer of full sails and small waves.

Rick Gillis
River Forest
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