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The towering tree on the property of Susan and Herb Grotewold was registered as the largest in Oak Park in 1990. It was more than 100 years old at that point. The Grotewolds, who have owned the property since 1986, decided to have the tree cut down this month because of rotting limbs, many of which had been trimmed over the years. They were afraid of a branch falling and hurting someone.

The final measured circumference was 18.5 feet, and it reached a height of 90 to 100 feet. The tree was struck by lightning in 1996 and since then has had health issues.

“I’m going to miss it more than I realized,” Susan Grotewold said. “It was a grand old tree.”

The tree was cut down by Lyons Tree Service, and since it was on private property, cost the Grotewolds $4,000, including grinding the tree stump. The entire process took all of two days.

-Mariam Pera

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