John Hubbuch’s observations about book clubs resonated with me. [Book clubs help hold civilization together, Viewpoints, Feb. 24] I agree that a healthy democracy demands the give and take of considered opinions.

A book club is an excellent venue to extend people’s knowledge through the reading of fiction and nonfiction material, and to test insights against the experiences of others. It’s always amazing to me that a group of people can read the same thing and yet come to such different conclusions.

I am particularly pleased that what used to be considered the purview of women has been extended to men with jobs and young families. My son, Craig Lewandowski, joins monthly with a dozen of his male Oak Park and River Forest High School classmates to hash out individual viewpoints in what I hear can be a pretty lively discussion. For their efforts, they receive no job advancement or university credit, just the satisfaction of gaining new understandings.

If this is one measure of Oak Park’s dedication to lifelong learning, then I think we’re doing something right.

Pat Healey
Oak Park

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