At a national conference last week for parenting publications, Chicago Parent, the monthly magazine published by Wednesday Journal Inc., won 18 awards.

Here’s what the judges had to say. For more comments and a look at this sibling publication of Wednesday Journal, go to

Overall writing: Silver for Tamara O’Shaughnessy, editor

“The content is a rich mix of the personal, the helpful and the enjoyable. Most of the articles are short, but they aren’t skimpy. Solid reporting is the foundation of good writing. This publication is full of both.”

Overall reporting: Bronze for Tamara O’Shaughnessy, editor

“This publication’s departments are packed with tips, ideas, briefs and mini-reviews. Articles are timely and solidly reported.”

Front cover, original photo: Gold for July issue by Rebecca Lomax, art director; Liz DeCarlo, senior editor/photographer

“What better way is there to make Chicago your classroom than to go into fields with a net? The illustration works well with the topic.The out-of-focus grass in the foreground leads readers’ eyes to the child’s face and the words on the cover.”

Briefs, ‘Short stuff’: Gold for Liz DeCarlo, senior editor

“‘Short Stuff’ is a lively and engaging package of items with varied topics and interests, but all of them are aimed at family activities. Grandparents, children, moms-to-be, dads, teens and tweens can find something here. Nicely edited with strong headlines.”

Briefs, ‘Short stuff’: Silver for Mark Tatara, designer

“The attention to detail on these pages is outstanding. Every inch is designed. The designer’s photos are well shot and well used. The format of the section allows for creativity while preserving unity. Very engaging work.”

Best overall use of photography: Bronze for Liz DeCarlo, Frank Pinc, Josh Hawkins and Jason Geil

“Photos are recognized as editorial content, not just space fillers or a colorful splash on the page. Designers avoid graphic gimmicks and type over images. Good effort at pointing best resources on best stories.”

Ancillary cover: Bronze for Fall Going Places for Liz DeCarlo, senior editor and photographer; Rebecca Lomax, art director

“The engaging cover photo is shot to go with the lead story. The words and image work together. Three key tease lines sell inside content nicely.”

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