There is no evidence that President Obama supports instant-runoff voting at this time. [It’s time for a change in our election system, Viewpoints, Feb. 10] In fact, when the pro IRV group, St. Paul Better Ballots, sent out campaign mailers claiming that President Obama endorsed IRV, they wound up in court. A three-panel judge ruled that the group “knowingly made false claims.”

The judges ruled that the Better Ballot campaign deliberately made the false claims on about 40,000 pre-election mailings that urged people to vote for the ranked-choice voting system. Administrative law judges Kathleen Sheehy, Cheryl LeClair-Sommer and Barbara Neilson heard the case.

So while eight years ago junior Illinois Senator Obama may have once drafted an IRV bill, the bill went nowhere and that was the last about IRV heard from Obama. Did Illinois pass the bill or was it one of hundreds or thousands introduced solely to appease lobbying groups?

Joyce McCloy
Winston Salem, N.C.
Director, NC Coalition for Verified Voting

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