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Former Oak Park resident Donald J. Felton Sr., 58, is facing sentencing in a federal mortgage fraud case.

A recent review of court records shows that Felton, an accountant who was charged with one count of conspiracy and two counts of wire fraud, quietly entered a blind plea last June – as opposed to reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Felton, who had lived on the 300 block of S. Clinton Avenue, is scheduled for sentencing June 9.

At least six other people charged in what prosecutors called Operation Malicious Mortgage have pleaded guilty.

In a June 2008 indictment, federal prosecutors accused Felton and 20 others with conspiring to defraud numerous financial institutions and to obtain property through fraudulent means.

The widespread operation had resulted in $95 million in mortgages. Numerous homes were eventually foreclosed on and resold for amounts less than the outstanding loan balance, costing banks $19 million in losses between August 2004 and May 2008.

The same day he was indicted in federal court, the Bank of New York filed suit in Cook County Chancery Court against Felton and his wife, Maria D. Felton, seeking foreclosure on their Oak Park home.

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