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As a light but steady snow fell this morning, voting in River Forest appeared to be at normal levels or perhaps slightly higher for an off-year primary election.

Just after 9 a.m., a quick walk-in check of five of the village’s 10 precincts showed about 350 people had voted. 

The numbers are somewhat difficult to analyze, because of the recent compression of the village’s previous 15 precincts into 10, making individual precincts busier than usual.

Raymond Fiorini, an election judge in the 8th precinct, at the River Forest Community Center, said voting around 8:45 a.m. was “a little bit more than usual,” with 64 ballots cast.

Election judge Kendall Brown, inside United Methodist Church on Lake, said 99 people had cast ballots shortly before 9 a.m.

“Yeah, they were here real early,” he said.

The 6th precinct, in First Presbyterian Church on Quick Avenue, was a bit slow, according to an election judge there.

“We’ve had a few people, then a lull, then a few people, then a lull,” she said.

Agatha Gallo, who voted this morning at United Methodist, said the referendum was just part of the reason to get to the polling place.

“I think it’s all important: the governor’s race, the Senate. But, yes, the referendum is another important issue,” she said, adding, “I’m hoping the snow doesn’t deter people.”

Check back with Wednesday Journal Online for local primary election and referendum results.

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