The race for the 11th judicial subcircuit is full of good candidates. But my vote will be for Pamela Leeming because she is proven, passionate about public service, and she is the right person to represent our community.

Pam is proven because she is already a seated judge. The Illinois Supreme Court appointed her as a full circuit judge in Cook County, making history in the process. Pam is the first Pakistani-American judge, not only in Illinois, but in the United States and Canada.

Her current appointment is an interim one, but Pam is passionate about her work and is persistent in her efforts to attain a more permanent position. She is recommended by the Cook County Bar Association, the Women’s Bar Association, the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association, the Black Women Lawyers Association, the Hispanic Bar Association and the Puerto Rican Bar Association. She was rated “qualified” by half-a-dozen others, including the Chicago Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association.

Pam is a person who is focused and dedicated. I met her 20 years ago when she was a working mother attending law school. Pam manages a lively and loving three-generation household with her husband, making time for her four children, and her community as well as her career. She is intelligent, thoughtful and she truly cares about the people she defends and the issues that brought them into the judicial system.

On Feb. 2, vote for Pam Leeming – proven, passionate about public service and a person you would like to see behind the bench in the 11th subcircuit.

Sheila Black Haennicke
Oak Park

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