Those of us who have had the privilege of getting to know Ade Onayemi personally know that our lives are richer for the experience.

When we heard that he had decided to run for the office of Cook County commissioner, we were of two minds. We worried that Ade – who over the years has served as a school board member and president in Oak Park, as chair of the Austin African-American Business Network, as co-chair of the Madison Street Leadership Council, and as a member of countless boards supporting health and educational initiatives – had once more, on our behalf, taken on his very large shoulders a burden that promised so little but asked so much. We were concerned about sending our decent, thoughtful, creative friend into the maelstrom of Cook County politics.

But if not Ade, then who? If there was ever someone with the potential to alter the tone of debate, to focus on the true needs of the county and to effect real change, it is Ade Onayemi. There is no doubt that he is up to the challenge. He has run a campaign of coalition building, of ideas, of integrity. It is time for us to share our friend and neighbor with the rest of Cook County. They will come to understand what we already know: Ade Onayemi isn’t about himself; he’s about us.

Donna D’Oro Anderson
Oak Park

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