Is T-ball dangerous? Only for some. [Take the danger out of T-ball, Viewpoints, Jan. 13]

I just read the blurb regarding the dangers of T-ball and felt the urge to point out a few things to these concerned parents. First of all, T-ball is a sport played by 4- and 5-year-olds, and a “softy” baseball is hit off of a tee (thus, the name T-ball).

By the time a child turns 8, the game has progressed to “baseball,” where it is sometimes coach-pitched or player-pitched. I know this because my now 18-year-old son played T-ball at 4 and 5, went through the ranks of Little League Baseball and on to high school baseball (as a pitcher, nonetheless).

Many (most) leagues these days do not require tryouts, as they did back when I was a kid. This means that anybody can play, as long as they pay the fee, regardless of skill level. There is a common misconception among some parents that baseball requires no skill, coordination or even basic reflexes.

My late husband coached numerous children of parents such as these, and there were many times (especially once they were older) when he feared for their safety. Unfortunately, the league rules stated that all kids had to play at least three innings because they “paid to play.”

Instead of rallying to change the rules and equipment, perhaps these parents ought to think about an alternative sport for their children.

MaryAnn Schoenneman
Elmwood Park

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