Please accept this letter as an endorsement of Steven Fruth for election to the 11th subcircuit court for Cook County. He was previously appointed to this position by the Illinois Supreme Court to fill a vacancy. He is now seeking election to the position.

I have known Judge Fruth for several years. I am impressed by his personality characteristics and his professional abilities. He is deeply vested in the quality of community life. He has received favorable ratings from the various bar associations. Steve has served as an elected member of the library board and an appointed member of the Cable Television Commission.

I know Steve best through his participation in the Eyes of Austin Labor of Love project. This is an annual cleanup – fix up – paint up day in Austin. Steve has been a field coordinator for the event for the past few years. He is sensitive to the greater common good of the metropolitan area. He does not have a parochial tunnel vision of the world. I consider that a valuable asset in a judge.

Gerald Lordan
Oak Park

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