Having served as former elected officials on local boards, we are pleased to join all the other Oak Parkers who intend to elect Pamela McLean Meyerson for judge in the Feb. 2 primary election.

The Chicago Bar Association was right on the mark when it said that Pam “is an experienced practitioner, and is well-regarded for her legal ability and outstanding temperament.” During our tenure as public officials, we were able to observe Pam’s record as she provided creative leadership in many areas that added to Oak Park’s quality of life. Whether the issue was quality education, park improvement or the arts, Pam stepped forward.

Her qualifications for the bench are impressive. During her 26 years as a practicing attorney, Pam has provided a full range of legal services to a wide variety of individuals and businesses. She has conducted trials, written appeals, incorporated and advised small businesses and nonprofit organizations, and otherwise represented dozens of clients in her civil law practice.

As an arbitrator, she has decided hundreds of cases. She has taught trial-practice skills to law students. Throughout, she established a solid reputation for fairness and knowledge of the law.

Oak Park is located in the 11th judicial subcircuit. In the polling booth, be prepared to go through the entire ballot, find punch 194 and vote for Pamela McLean Meyerson for judge!

Eric Gershenson, Galen Gockel, Stephen Huth, David Kindler, Elizabeth Lippitt, Dorothy Reid and Carolyn Newberry Schwartz
Oak Park

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