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Road trip update: In Ohio, just east of Toledo. A one-hour break for dinner is the first stop of the trip.

As the bus was crossing into Ohio, Virgil Crawford, of Westside Health Authority, grabbed the microphone at the front of the motor coach to announce a text message from Jackie Leavy, a member of the protest group who is already in Washington.

“We’ve been called to a meeting tomorrow afternoon with the OCC and representatives of U.S. Bank,” Crawford told his three dozen fellow protesters. “I don’t know what this exactly means – the opportunity to meet with the enemy. But let’s believe this can be progress.”

OCC stands for Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. This federal bank-regulating body is the sibling of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. When a bank is being closed, the federal regulators who step in before the FDIC are with the OCC.
U.S. Bank is the Minneapolis-based bank chain to which the FDIC sold Park National and its sister banks Oct. 30, when it took over the assets of Oak Park-based FBOP Corp.

The Congressional hearing Thursday morning that this group is traveling to is an investigation into the takeover.

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