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Tonight and tomorrow, a group of employees and customers is giving Lido’s Caffe a sendoff, just as the local business is about to brew its last cup of joe. They’re hoping money they raise might help save the place.

Lido Petrucci, one of the shop’s three owners, announced Monday that they were closing this week, just 17 months after opening at 122 N. Marion.

A few bands will be playing tonight, as late as people stay, and they’re hoping to put together an art auction tomorrow. They’ll also be collecting donations.

The café had been in the red since it opened and was crippled when Petrucci lost his job in November 2008, which was helping the café’s start-up.

Dana Rainey, an 18-year-old Berwyn resident who has worked at Lido’s since August, is optimistic despite the outlook.

“I just have such high hopes for this place that it’s worth giving it a try,” she said in a phone call this afternoon. “If nothing comes out of this, at least we went out with a bang and we can’t say that we gave up.”

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