As marketing coordinator of Shop the Village in Oak Park, and on behalf of Super Shopper Spotter (or “Triple S”), I want to thank Oak Park residents and visitors who embraced the just-concluded Shop the Village campaign.

Also known as the “Caped Crusader of Commerce,” Triple S informs me that he was greeted with affection, bordering on adulation, in his various forays throughout Oak Park. A special thanks to business owners and leaders who were such strong supporters of the campaign, including Downtown Oak Park, Wednesday Journal and the Village of Oak Park. Along with so many others, I am hopeful that by promoting local shopping, we will emerge even stronger from the economic challenges confronting us not only here but all across the nation.

For those seeking to learn more about the latest Shop the Village effort, I invite you to visit And whether or not you see a masked man bearing gift cards from Oak Park merchants, I urge everyone to continue shopping the village!

Matt Baron
Oak Park

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