Wednesday Journal has a long tradition of edgier-than-average headlines that we hope will pique readers’ interest (if you prefer boring headlines, see the Oak Leaves). Here are 10 we had some fun with:

1. It takes one to tango [LifeLines, Feb. 18, about a local doctor from Uruguay who plays the “bandoneon,” an instrument instrumental to tango music]

2. How green is my … alley? [News, Feb. 25, about a village initiative to use green technology to conserve heat and water. On May 27, we ran what might be considered a companion headline: “When alleys go bad …”

3. Park National bank robber gets 13 years [News, March 25. Not particularly clever, but we could have run it again, with a little tailoring, after the FDIC came by in October to steal the entire bank: Park National Bank robbers get away scot-free?]

4. Pope proves infallible [News, April 8. Not a reference to Pope Benedict but to Pope, David, who was re-elected Oak Park village president]

5. Will gym be fit for Madison? [News, April 8. We’ve never met a pun we didn’t like]

6. Resurrecting asparagus for Easter dinner [LifeLines, April 8, the headline to Frank Chlumsky’s food column. How could we resist?]

7. And the board said, ‘Let there be light’ [News, May 20. Guess which long-running news story that was about. We were heavy on religious allusions this year]

8. Post office shake-up shakes up residents [News, July 15, about the decision to shuffle the routes of longtime carriers]

9. Turned on [News, Sept. 23, our cover wrap following the first OPRF High School nighttime football game]

10. Santa takes a bow wow [News, De

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