Jack, I am so completely in solidarity with you on this one. [Complicated times in a complicated place, Viewpoints, Dec. 16] I got a ticket the other night around 10 p.m. (the only traffic ticket in my entire life) for going straight at one of those Oak Park intersections that have been sculpted to allow one only to go right.

I was on my way home from a poetry reading at a bar where I drank club soda. I am my neighbors’ block captain. I have a McGruff the Crime Dog sign in my front window. I am the “litter lady” (see Wednesday Journal archives), and there was zero traffic on the street where I went straight instead of turning right.

I am not saying that what I did was legal (in fact, I plead guilty and paid the fine), but I couldn’t help thinking that all manner of mayhem and garage burglaries and car break-ins might have been afoot in our village while I sat there waiting for the officer to write my ticket. Did I mention that I was on the way home from a poetry reading?

Susan Messer
Oak Park

You’re kidding, right? You earned a traffic violation and you’re kvetching about it in the newspaper?

The rolling stops have increasingly gotten worse over the past six months in this town. Honestly, I wish the Oak Park police would hand out more tickets for rolling stops or no stops, especially at Marion and North Boulevard, where it has become an epidemic.

I admit I’ve done my share of rolling stops. However, if I receive a ticket, you’ll notice me wearing my big-girl pants and not complaining about it.

Sharman Galezewski
Oak Park

I was quite taken aback by the recent column by Jack Crowe in which he suggested a new slogan for the village: “Oak Park – A Complicated Place to Live.” As a self-professed third generation Oak Parker, he should know better, but was quite upset after being ticketed by the Oak Park police for not stopping at a stop sign.

His so-called excuse was that 77 percent of drivers don’t stop. Does he place himself in the same category as some of the apparent ill-bred residents and nonresidents who drive in and through Oak Park? Does he know that the placing of more stop signs is to discourage such bad behavior? Does he know or realize how many people are injured or killed by those failing to stop by driving through the signs? Does he know that a driver’s license is a privilege and not a right?

I would hope that he of all people would be more serious and respectful of the driving rules and regulations. I am for more ticketing of such abusive behavior. I would support a law for suspension or revocation of a driver’s license for a second such offense.

Robert Hammer
Oak Park

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