Years ago, the stretch of Jackson Boulevard from Harlem to Oak Park Avenue had no stop signs. [What’s with all the new stop signs in Oak Park? News, Dec. 16] The people along that stretch of road, for years, wanted stop signs to slow the traffic down. The Village of Oak Park refused to put them up because they “encouraged drivers to speed between the stop signs.” The remedy was to spend piles of tax dollars to narrow the intersections by bringing the sidewalks into the streets.

Now, years later, the remedy to traffic safety is to add stop signs at every corner. A great example of this exists around Washington Irving Elementary School. Harvard and Fillmore, east-west streets between Ridgeland and Austin, have four-way stop signs at every intersection.

Between the stop signs, cul-de-sacs and right-turns only, is it any wonder why we feel like mice in a maze in the social experiment known as Oak Park?

Steve Gora
Oak Park
Submitted to

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