We only write the news, but based on our headlines, a trend seems evident in our 2009 crime coverage:

Dec. 23: Burglaries continue as six arrested

Dec. 22: Local school burglary ring busted

Dec. 15: Four arrested, burglaries continue

Nov. 24: $15,000 in rings stolen from unlocked car

Nov. 10: Oak Park, River Forest cops bust four for burglaries

Nov. 12: Village manager’s home burglarized

Oct. 27: Burglars grab lots of jewelry

Oct. 5: River Forest hit with morning burglaries

Sept. 29: Oak Park man arrested for library burglary

Aug. 25: Burglar accused of starting house fire

Aug. 11: Cops bust two for burglary

June 26: Burglaries continue as police arrest eight

June 9: Burglars get $5,500 from unlocked home

May 26: Four busted for Oak Park burglaries

April 16: Three more charged in OP burglaries

April 14: Burglary wave meets arrest spree

March 3: Two arrests fail to stop burglaries

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