Longtime Tribune sportswriter Rick Morrissey, who penned the Trib’s “In the Wake of the News” column for many years, has moved over to the competition, the Chicago Sun-Times, which may be a reflection of the Tribune’s shaky economic situation – or maybe not.

In the past, it was usually Sun-Times writers who moved to the Tribune, Mike Royko most famously. Perhaps Morrissey’s departure signals a reverse trend – or maybe not.

Either way, he’s still, and always will be, an Oak Park native, who attended Ascension School and Fenwick High School before moving on to other climes (Denver before he returned to Chicago).

Morrissey, who now lives in Brookfield, was a star youth baseball player in Oak Park, where, once upon a time in the early ’70s, he was coached by none other than our own Ken Trainor, who takes no credit whatsoever for Rick’s subsequent athletic and journalistic success (but who happily basks in the reflected glory).

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