Most everyone who read of the death of Rafael Torres [Heart attack killed worker who fell during renovation, Web Extra, Dec. 1] probably did not know who the man was.

Simply put, he was a junker. He drove up and down our alleys looking for the tiniest bit of metal to throw in his truck and sell to a scrap dealer. While I did not know him well, I have relied on his services for the past four years.

I admired him because he was reliable, respectful and proud of his livelihood. Rather than drive around anonymously, he put his name and number right there on the side of his truck. Within 30 minutes of calling him, he’d be over to collect the scrap that you had set aside. Many junkers will take whatever metal they see without considering whether it is indeed garbage. Rafael would never assume and would ask permission before taking any metal.

He was also a husband. One time, I had some radiators for Rafael and he came to the home with his wife; who helped him get the radiators into his truck. After loading the radiators, they gave each other a kiss, she got in her nice car and both went about their days.

I feel his story is inspiring in these tough times. In spite of uncertainty and obstacles, he went out each day and proudly made a living. May he rest in peace.

Dan Moroney
Oak Park
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