I completely agree with Ellen Mrazek in her recent letter. [Search for ways to reduce traffic on Ike, Viewpoints, Nov. 25] She is correct in saying that widening the Eisenhower Expressway will only increase the traffic. This has always been the case when new or expanded roads are added. We don’t need to spend more money and waste more time on studies to tell us what we already know

What we need is more and better public transportation, along with commuter parking lots at transportation hubs. We’ve lost so much in the past, such as the Berwyn el train that ran parallel to 22nd Street, and the Elgin and Aurora Railways, among other lines. This should never have happened. Nowadays, whenever budgets get tight, it is the buses and trains that get cut, and fares increased. More money gets thrown at reaping the roadways, which were poorly constructed in the first place.

Compared to the magnificent commuter and train service available in France and the rest of Europe, we in the United States are in the dark ages. Our dependence on the automobile has been to the detriment of those who have to and want to take public transportation, and continues to increase pollution levels. We get sicker and getting around gets more inconvenient.

Extending the Blue Line is a sensible step to take. Using the Hillside Landfill site for parking and an el station would be extremely logical. I think the expressway should have a train, tramway or express bus service running alongside or in the middle.

There is much thoughtful work to be done. We know what we need. Let’s get to it.

Patricia Olderr
Oak Park

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