This might be called “A Tale of Two Good Samaritans.” On Nov. 14, a driver in Oak Park gave a man and woman a lift when their taxi from Chicago dropped them off at the wrong place. They were rushing to catch a tour at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio when this “good Samaritan” offered them a ride for the last few blocks.

When he dropped them off, they hopped out of his car, thanking him. Only after he had turned the corner did they discover that they had inadvertently taken his winter jacket with them. The woman was quite distressed and hoped that kind man wouldn’t perceive them as conniving thieves.

They turned the jacket in at the museum shop and shared their story with me, thinking that the man just might remember that they were headed there. They hoped he would contact the shop and retrieve his jacket.

Ten days later, that woman called from Philadelphia, asking if the driver had come in to claim his property. I told her that, so far, that hasn’t happened. She had even posted the item under “lost and found” on Craig’s List.

Ironically, the woman who accidentally removed the jacket from his car is another “good Samaritan,” suggesting that if the owner doesn’t claim it by Christmas, it should be donated to a thrift shop so at least someone can enjoy its warmth.

The happiest of endings would be if the local man who offered a Philadelphia couple a lift in his car should read this, and suddenly discover where his jacket is. It might even restore his faith in human decency and goodness.

David Olson
Frank Lloyd Wright museum shop employee

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