The Oak Park village board agreed Monday to hike various parking permit fees for its lots and garages.

The changes will raise the village an extra $380,000 a year from parking permits, meters and garages.

Starting Jan. 1, the cost for daytime, overnight and 24-hour quarterly parking permits in public lots and garages will increase from the current range of $95-$195 up to $116-$238 for a quarter of the year. The village says this will result in permit holders paying another $8-$12 a month or $24-$36 a quarter.

Oak Park also plans to start selling monthly parking permits in both the Avenue and Holley Court garages, at a cost of $90 a month.

Rates for discount employee parking in the village are also going up, from 15 cents an hour to 20 cents an hour. Oak Park offers 80-hour ($17) or 200-hour ($41) magnetic cards for employers to purchase for their employees each month, which expire in 45 days.

The village will move those parkers from lots into garages and will now only allow those who are making $14 an hour or less to participate in the program. Forty spaces will be made available for the program in the Avenue garage and 80 in the Holley Court garage.

The village estimates that it sells a total of 3,600 24-hour, daytime and overnight parking permits each quarter of the year.

Trustees also finalized increases to fees for gasoline, water and garbage pickup, which were introduced the previous week.

-Marty Stempniak

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