Three people were arrested and charged with retail theft last week after allegedly concealing merchandise and leaving the Dominick’s store, 259 Lake, Oak Park. One other person got away.

The afternoon of Nov. 2, Deandre M. Perkins, 39, of 5829 W. Walton, Chicago was arrested after he allegedly concealed $94 in merchandise and left the store.

The morning of Nov. 4, Johnny M. Kinsey, 45, of 619 N. 4th Ave., Maywood, allegedly concealed items and left the store.

And the afternoon of Nov. 8, Walter L. Mollison, 25, of 2318 W. Jackson, Chicago was observed concealing merchandise and leaving the Dominick’s store.

The afternoon of Nov. 7, a young man placed merchandise under his coat and ran out of the store to a waiting SUV.

Other locations were hit by retail thieves as well.

Anthony T. Anderson, 44, of 335 N. Menard, Chicago, was arrested after a brief foot chase the afternoon of Nov. 6. Police say he concealed merchandise while in Pan’s Grocery, 810 S. Oak Park, and ran from the store.

A Cicero girl was arrested the afternoon of Nov. 2 after she stole $143 in merchandise from the CVS Pharmacy, 7648 Roosevelt.


Joshua J. Marcotte, 31, of St. Anne, a town near Kankakee, and Jennifer R. Price, 28, of Kankakee, drove nearly an hour and a half and 71miles to the corner of Harrison and Austin, where police allegedly spotted them in a car with ten baggies of heroin.

Police arrived at the intersection of Chicago and Bonnie Brae the afternoon of Nov. 6 to find a man shaking Daniel L. Aspengren, 25, of suburban Maple Park. Aspengren, who was unconscious, was rushed to Oak Park Hospital, where he was treated for an alleged heroin overdose. Police say his buddy had “trace amounts” of heroin in his possession, but was released without being charged.


Gerado Trujillo, 19, of Berwyn reportedly fled the scene after his red sports car knocked over a small tree on an island at the end of the cul-de-sac on the 300 block of S. Humphrey around 11:30 p.m. Nov.  7. Police who stopped him on the first block of Randolph say he smelled strongly of alcohol, had slurred speech and failed a field sobriety test.

Ricardo Medina, 63, was pulled over on the 500 block of LeMoyne the night of Nov. 8. He was arrested after allegedly being unable to complete a field sobriety test.

Wanda Woods-Hatten, 40, was pulled over on Madison at First Avenue shortly before midnight Nov. 6 and charged with DUI.

Vehicle burglary

An iPod and GPS device were stolen from a car on 7400 block of Augusta between Nov. 1-4.

The afternoon of Nov. 5, thieves broke a window on a car parked on 1500 block of Monroe and stole an iPod.

Around 10 p.m. Nov. 6, the window of a car on the 1100 block of Pleasant was smashed and a GPS device stolen.

The afternoon of Nov. 7, the window of a car on the 1200 block of N. Euclid was smashed and an iPod stolen.

Overnight Nov. 6, the window of a car on the 400 block of Wesley was smashed and a satellite radio stolen. That same night the window of a car on the 400 block of S. East was smashed and a GPS device stolen.

The window of a car on the 700 block of N. Harlem was broken the morning of Nov. 6 and a briefcase containing personal checks stolen.

Overnight Nov. 5, the window of a car on the 100 block of Flournoy was smashed and a GPS device and car stereo stolen.

Overnight Nov. 4, the window of a car on the 500 block of S. Euclid was broken and a GPS device stolen.

The night of Nov. 3, a window of a car on the 6200 block of North Ave. was broken and laptop computer and books were stolen.

Overnight Nov. 3, a car window on the 500 block of S. Harvey was broken and a car stereo stolen.

Overnight Nov. 2, an unlocked car on the 900 block of Marion was ransacked.

Overnight Nov. 3, car windows were broken and the car ransacked on the 300 block of Harrison and the 300 block of Maple.

Residential burglary

During the day Nov. 5, watches, electronic games and a laptop were stolen from an apartment on the 500 block of Bonnie Brae.

During the day Nov. 3, an open overhead door of an attached garage allowed burglars to steal a television, laptop and electronic games from a condo on the first block of Park.

River Forest police responding to a residential burglar alarm on the 1300 block of Jackson the evening of Nov. 4 found a window open and the house in disarray. They were unable to contact the owners.


Two women dining at Poor Phil’s over the weekend had their purses stolen. Only one got hers back. A New York woman had her designer purse taken from the back of her chair Nov. 6.

The next day, a man approached the table where a River Forest woman was sitting, grabbed her purse from the table and ran out. Two witnesses were able to tackle the thief and retrieve the purse, though the thief managed to escape.

Criminal trespass

Clarence C. Erickson, 51, of 942 N. Waller, Chicago was arrested the night of Nov. 5, after being formally warned not to return to the Metra Station, 1116 South Blvd.

Paul Rukawickin, 19, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass to the Dominican University campus the afternoon of Nov. 4, after he was warned both verbally and in writing not to return.

Outside warrant

Lawrence Little, 42, of Chicago was stopped for an alleged traffic violation on the 100 block of Chicago the afternoon of Nov. 7. A name check determined he was wanted by the Illinois Department of Corrections on a drug conviction parole violation.

Speeding, suspended license, etc.

Jose A. Cortez, 25, of Berwyn, was stopped on Madison at Forest the morning of Nov. 2 for alleged speeding. He was charged with driving on a suspended license, no insurance and having an expired registration.

Later that afternoon, Manuael C. Shobani, 24, of Chicago, was stopped on Madison at Jackson for alleged speeding, and he too was found to be driving on a suspended license.

The next morning River Forest police stopped Kristofer A. Ellis, of Beloit, WI, for alleged speeding on Thatcher at Augusta. Police say Kristofer initially used his brother’s name, then admitted he lied “because he thought his driver’s license was suspended.”

These items were obtained from police reports filed by the Oak Park and River Forest police departments from Nov. 1-Nov. 8. Not all incidents that occurred are listed. Anyone named in reports has only been charged with a crime and cases have not yet been adjudicated.

-Bill Dwyer

Crime plus

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River Forest police stopped a black pick up truck seen driving up and down side streets the afternoon of Nov. 7, after it matched the description of a vehicle used in earlier burglaries. The three men inside, all of whom had criminal records, told officers they were merely “checking out the beautiful homes in River Forest.” They were allowed to immediately head out of town after police took down their personal information for future reference.

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