In the big scheme of things this is a small point, but one that highlights that everyone must do their part.

As I was reading this week’s Wednesday Journal, I noticed the ad for the “Annual Fall Leaf Collection” schedule. This question comes to mind: Why is it that some property owners and lawn services do not seem to fully understand (or just don’t care) that this service is for leaves only? It is not for grass clippings, dead annuals or anything else plant-based that people want to heap in the pile.

There are other options, such as composting. It’s easy, doesn’t smell or attract animals, and it’s great to use in your gardens. If composting isn’t for you, use the lawn bag, purchase a sticker and put it in the alley.

The ad states that “cooperation is essential to the success of the program.” Like with most things in life, this is true, so cooperate!

Jamie Pack
Oak Park

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