There are numerous concerns that come up for me whenever I read about the proposed development at Lake and Forest, and I thank Chris Hamer for speaking so well on the issues of the $14 million village contribution and multiple zoning ordinance allowances being given to the developer. [Reverse socialism at Lake and Forest, Viewpoints, Oct. 7]

I also worry about the proposed parking garage. We will lose 44 public spaces and there will be a minimal amount of spaces created for those living in or visiting this building. Parking is already a challenge for the many visitors and residents of this neighborhood. We need to make it easier to park, not add to the problem. Where will the residents, visitors and construction workers park during the years of construction?

More concerns: The design of this building is not at all fitting with Oak Park’s most architecturally famous street (or any street in our town for that matter). It seems our beautiful Austin Gardens will be in the shadow of this 19-story building for a large part of the day. What if this building is built and it turns out we don’t need a 140-room hotel? I hope the plan commission and our village trustees take a minute to imagine this behemoth being built in their backyard, and that they truly listen to the voices of the people of their community.

Lynne Beauprez
Oak Park

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