Wednesday Journal made a very poor editorial choice this week, the front-page teaser – “They make how much?!”

The scoop on what top school honchos “haul in” was misleading and unnecessarily snarky. Just looking at the cover, a reader might believe that local school administrators are grossly overpaid when in fact, as the article points out, our school officials earn less than their peers elsewhere.

I have three children in District 97 schools, and they are receiving a first-rate education. I have also had the opportunity to work with several of the school administrators whose “haul” you detailed. I for one am proud of our public schools and am glad to know that administrators with substantial education, experience and responsibility are paid salaries that enable them to live and raise their families in Oak Park.

While it is entirely appropriate for the media to present this type of information to the public, your choice of language on the cover was not.

Kathy Stohr
Oak Park

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