To those who blasted me for my remarks regarding playing on Rosh Hashanah, I would say this. [Playing on Jewish holiday not a big deal, Viewpoints, Sept. 23] To Mr. Kleinman, who states that “I am a Jew quite simply because my parents are Jewish and I am Jewish; it’s as simple as that.” It’s not quite that simple. Being Jewish also means being part of the Jewish community and participating as a Jew. Being Italian or Irish doesn’t make you a Roman Catholic.

To Ms. Brofman, who states “It is our business how we celebrate the holidays. We are not less Jewish or take our religion and culture less seriously because we choose not to attend services.” True, it is your business how you celebrate, and I did not mean to suggest that you must be attending services at a synagogue. But during the Days of Awe, I would expect a Jew to show some observance, celebrating at home, for example.

Finally, for those who think I am so intolerant, you sound quite intolerant yourself. Or, perhaps, you are just very liberal.

Pamela Wollenberg
Oak Park

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