Three months ago, in a letter to Wednesday Journal, I listed my disagreements with President Obama and “his administration.” [The time has come to push the resent button on government, Viewpoints, June 24] Number two on that list was ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) with its influence in the White House and the corruption it brings to the table. I was derided for my concern and told that if there was any truth to my concerns, Wednesday Journal and I should share a Pulitzer Prize.

This week the U. S. Senate and the Census Bureau have cut off funding and all previous agreements with the assembly of organizations known as ACORN. The major media outlets have now reported that there may be a story here and are investigating. I request that they also investigate the Apollo group. which coordinates the activities of ACORN, the SEIU (Service Employee International Union), and Green Activities and was instrumental in creating the stimulus bill.

Where is our Pulitzer?

Ray Simpson
Oak Park

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