The date of OakToberfest didn’t really make an impression on me until I saw the article in Triblocal this morning. I am appalled that a community that claims to value its cultural diversity would plan a major event with community-wide appeal for the weekend of the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. This is the type of insensitivity that proves that Oak Park does not really embrace diversity in all its many hues. There are many other weekends in September and October that could have been chosen for this event without showing total disregard for the many Jewish members of this community.

The Jewish new year rarely falls on an entire weekend, but this year it starts at sundown on Friday the 18th and ends at sundown on Sunday the 20th. Yom Kippur starts on the night of Sept. 27 this year. Is it really so difficult to check a calendar or the Internet to see if an event conflicts with any minority’s major holidays? Besides many Jewish community members, there are also Muslims living in Oak Park. I hope that future events also avoid important Muslim holidays such as Ramadan, which happens to end on Sept. 19 this year.

It is my hope that in the future Oak Park will truly embrace its diversity by being considerate and respectful of all its minority citizens.

Judi Fischer
Oak Park

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