Mr. Williams sought to discuss his book at a commercial establishment, the Buzz Café, during the normal course of its day’s operation. [‘Ex-gay’ author responds to Buzz controversy, Viewpoints, Sept. 16] The discussion became a matter of controversy, and the owners of the establishment withdrew their offer to host.

There is no “freedom of speech” issue here. At no point did the Village of Oak Park or any other government body move to restrict anyone’s right to speak. That is the only argument for violation of the First Amendment, and this incident fails to rise to that standard.

What is Williams’ grievance? Surely, the numerous news stories and letters here in Wednesday Journal alone have promoted his self-published tome much more than the word of mouth generated by a weeknight coffeehouse book circle. So, there cannot possibly be any projection of lost revenue or other damages for Williams to recover. Why, he even states above that he “had no intention of marketing (the) book at the Buzz Café that night.” What is Williams proposing now? More self promotion? Some sort of vindication? For what?

Mr. Williams, your book is simply being rejected – your theories and practices along with it. Learn to come to grips with it. If it were merely being rejected on its literary merits, this may be easier for you to accept. But since this is a personal, religious and cultural crusade for you, it is understandable that you may feel individually persecuted by the very community you are convinced that you can “save.”

John Sheehan
Oak Park
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So Mr. Williams was “miserable” during his 16 years as a homosexual and has determined on his own that every other homosexual in Oak Park’s “safe haven” is miserable as well. He makes two seriously wrong assumptions – the first that all gays and lesbians are miserable, and the second that everyone takes the “word of God” over science. And now he plans to make this incident his own little crusade.

I think Oak Parkers, gay and straight, should just ignore anything else he has to say. He’s had his 15 minutes in Oak Park and it’s time for him to move on and lecture to someone else.

Lynne Clark
Springfield, Pa.
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They prey on the uneducated and ill-informed to earn their money. Fortunately, they are on the wrong side of history. When the young generation becomes adult, they will look back, shake their heads and laugh about these relics of the past.

Alan Amato
Oak Park
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