The letter from Paul Kurzejla on September 9 should be very disturbing to Oak Parkers. [Disagreeing with Seuffert, Viewpoints, Sept. 9]

Oak Park prides itself on its diversity, officially promulgated by the Village of Oak Park Diversity Statement of May 2, 2005, which “encourages the contributions of the citizens, regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, religion, economic status, political affiliation, or any of the other distinguishing characteristics.” Mr Kurzejla disagrees with opinions expressed by Virginia Seuffert, “doesn’t want to pay any money at all to read her opinions about anything,” and threatens to cancel his subscription if any of her subsequent columns are published. Kurzejla not only refuses to embrace diversity, but won’t even tolerate it.

Political diversity is the most important of the characteristics enumerated in the Oak Park Diversity Statement; the rest are arbitrary. A broad range of political opinions is necessary to bring differing viewpoints to the table, and to develop compromises that allow us all to live together.

Stetson Siler
Oak Park

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