I am very sad to learn that an acquaintance of mine, a resident of Oak Park and an experienced cyclist, was “doored” on Lake Street recently. Unfortunately, he was not wearing a helmet at the time. When the car door opened and knocked him off his bike, he fell on his head, leading to a skull fracture and hematoma. He was in the intensive care unit for five days. In addition to the fractured skull, he had many other injuries, including a broken foot.

This is a plea to motorists: Please watch out when you open your door on the street. Check for bicycle riders first, or open the door slowly as you look down the street behind you.

This is a plea to cyclists: Always wear your helmet, even if you are going a few short blocks. And watch out for car doors opening in your path.

This is the second of two “dooring” incidents that have happened in the last year in Oak Park, involving cyclists who I know personally.

Elizabeth Rexford
Oak Park

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