Reference is made to William Becic’s One View piece in the Wednesday Journal (Aug. 19) in which he suggests that the three military figures on the World War I Memorial in Scoville Park be replaced by statues of three persons whom he associates with the antiwar effort.

To me, the memorial serves as an important reminder of the contributions of local men and women who have given their lives in the service of our country. This represents not just World War I, but also World War II, Korea, the Cold War, Vietnam, Gulf War I, Gulf War II, and Afghanistan/Pakistan.

Like it or not, we seem destined to be the world’s police. Last week, President Obama announced that he was sending an additional 20,000 troops to Afghanistan to participate in what he called a “just” war.

I am thrilled that the memorial is being renovated.

Philip L. Pittman
Oak Park

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